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RF3 WORLD CANADA is a unique player in the wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to providing health, beauty and wellness services that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier. We provide our clients with holistic medically researched products well positioned to transform their overall well-being.

Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting by seeing what RF3 WORLD CANADA has to offer you.

O2 Max3

A mixture of herbs and powerful antioxidants prevent water loss from cells, helping to keep skin smooth and protect against damaging free radicals


Firmax 3

FIRMAX3 is a scientifically developed natural plant-based formula of 13 ingredients synergistically formulated using nanotechnology infused with Scalar Energy!


Hello, I’m Elfie a dialysis patient. The 3 times a week dialysis was becoming too much! I wanted to quit and just hope for the best. It was very painful and the side effects were almost unbearable! Someone mentioned FIRMAX3. What did I have to lose? Within a few weeks, the side effects from dialysis were practically zero. My bloodwork results were greatly improved and my strength has been restored.

I’m 79 years young and have joined a bowling league!

THANK YOU FIRMAX for giving me my life back!


I’m on maintenance for Diabetes, High Blood pressure and cholesterol. A friend introduced me to FIRMAX3. I started using it and I started feeling better. I stopped taking the medication. When I went to the doctor for a follow-up appointment, he asked me if I was taking the Diabetes medication.
I told him “NO”. He started to scold me. I challenged my doctor by saying, “ I’ll take the tests right now and if they come back good, tomorrow you’ll call me and tell me I’m officially off the medication but if the tests come back poor, I will immediately continue with the medication.

The next morning, I received a personal call from my doctor!

Naomi Delos Santos

I had a rotator cuff tear and surgery. It was good for awhile and then the pain and lack of mobility returned. The pain was so great, I couldn’t sleep. I’d ask my husband every night to massage the shoulder just so I could get to sleep. I didn’t want another surgery for temporary relief. Someone shared FIRMAX3 with me and I jumped at the possibility of alleviating the pain.

WOW! IT WORKED! After a very short time, I was sleeping like a baby pain free! And I didn’t have to wake up my husband for the shoulder massage!


My name is Ernesto Jimeno and I struggle with High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol levels. Naomi introduced me to Firmax3 and O2Max3. I began using it continuously and experienced some amazing results. My face had numerous dark spots and I noticed significant lightening of my face. Also I am off all Blood Pressure and Cholesterol medication.

I continue using the products because I love the results I am experiencing. I feel good. I am more active plus my strength is returning. As a bonus, my eyesight is improving to the point I do not need glasses while driving. The muscle spasms that tormented me are no longer an issue.

Ernesto Jimeno

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